Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Lately

Life lately has been beyond crazy.  I have been super busy these past few weeks.  I have been gone every weekend but one (and that one landed me on crutches) and work has been going 90 mph.  It's all been fun and I wouldn't have missed any of it, but I'm a little excited to just be still for a day or two!!

Let me take you back to Father's Day weekend! I know everyone says this about their Dad, but it's true about mine...I have the best Dad ever!  He is the most amazing leader for our family and has the biggest heart when comes to us.  He would give and do anything anyone needs!  He is the kind of man who will not only be on board, but actually suggest that his in-laws move in with him!!  I promise I'm not biased...I'm just Daddy's little girl :)

Andrew and Jessica made it to lunch Sunday! They even brought the horses and puppies!

The next weekend, I got to actually stay in Waco for the weekend.  My friends Chelsea and Amber and myself planned a day out at BSR Cable Park for some wakeboarding!  This is my new found love!! 

 I did however, take an ugly fall when attempting to make my first turn.  Over compensated on the rope and my foot was pulled out of my boot and landed me on some crutches :( But don't worry, before I realized just how bad it was I got back on my board and made that turn multiple times before deciding I should probably get off my foot.

When I got home, I called my good friend Dana, who happens to be an EMT and she said I should probably get it looked at.  Fortunately, the X-rays didn't show a break, just an ugly sprain with a knot that stuck out farther than my ankle bone...ew (not exactly the phone call you want to make to you Mom who is busy getting ready for your brother's wedding in 2 weeks...oops)

Life lately is flying by so fast....But I'm enjoying every minute of it!! 

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