Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ScAtTeR bRaInEd

I have most definitely been slacking in the blogging department, but there has been so much going on I haven't had a real break (when I wasn't sleeping).  So it is time to make up for days missed! Here we go!

Well, It's officially time to start the countdown to the half marathon, this motivates me more than anything.  There are only 115 days until I run my first half marathon....eeek! I am signed up to run the San Antonio Rock and Roll Half Marathon....any and everyone should feel free to join! :)   I have been running here and there trying to keep changing it up a bit.  Some trail runs and some street runs.  Christie and I have decided to not let the heat keep us from running and we have doubled up on our water during the day and gone 3 miles right after work.  I am also playing volleyball for a city league and have been going to Zumba as often as I can.  I am about to throw in a few bike rides for a big change up here and there.

In other news, I have gotten back into my crafts!!  Pinterest has given me more ideas than ever!  I made a few little things for my candle holders, glass jars, and one pie pan. Super easy!!

I also have starting designing some new flatware...I saw this design on pinterest and LOVED it so I had to try and duplicate it myself...not too bad!

I am also in the process of repainting an old dresser that I had since I was little. It is a tall dresser and and I got a long dresser for Christmas that is black with silver hardware. I am hoping I can get the two to look like they belong together.

Also thanks to Pinterest, I have been baking more and more!!!

Homemade peanut butter fudge....this is lethal stuff!

For the 4th of July I made patriotic dipped can never go wrong with dipped strawberries and thanks to my cousins who had us dip them for their weddings, I am a pro :) 

And I have also been making homemade cookie dough!! I'd love to say homemade cookies, but seeing how I am just like my Aunt Stacey...not a lot of the dough makes it to the oven!

And finally, I have been traveling all over Texas the past few weeks.  I went to Stephenville for a fun filled day at a splash pad with part of my Dad's side of the family,  I made the drive to Breckenridge for a Sunday Funday of movies with my Grandparents.  My cousin Zach had a beautiful wedding in Lubbock.  Laura and I have a left our mark in San Antonio.  I have been to Rotan several times for various occasions and Jill and I tore up Hutto last weekend (literally).

My apartment has also been buzzing with company.  My Aunt Stacey and her two youngest, Allison and Tyler, stayed with me wed-fri while they made the drive back and forth to Temple. And when they left Friday, Jill came down for a few days!  And if I'm not mistaken, my parents will be here at the end of this week...whew.

So to sum everything up, life has been great!!