Friday, September 20, 2013

Wake Life---ish

It is no longer just a phrase, this summer has been for the most part non-stop wakeboarding! I've been out at BSR Cable Park when ever possible.  I love going out there to not only ride (and attempt to look like I know what I'm doing) but to watch all the other riders (who really do know what they're doing)!! It's a great little get away from the hum drum of my every day life in town.  And I'm pleased to say, that (knock on wood) I haven't had another yes, Auntie Stacey and Mother, you can relax a little.

My baby! Love my new board!! 

My friend Ryan hitting a huge raley!!

My childhood friend and college roommate Ashley came down to try!!

Me, Ash, and Chelsea.  Chelsea got me started wakeboarding, so we can blame her for creating wake monster :)

BSR has Lemur tell me that's not fun :)

And this picture is one of my favorites. As much as I love my west Texas sunsets...the ones out here are not too bad!

Sorry for being MIA for the past month...I've been soaking up every bit of summertime!!!