Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY - Chalkboard Serving Tray

I finally got back into crafts, just in time for Christmas!! I stumbled across this little site,, not too long ago and they have the cutest DIY projects! I found one in particular I really wanted to try, a Chalkboard Serving Tray.

What you'll need:

2x12 board at what ever length you prefer. (I made mine 2ft. long.)
Wood stain - color of your choice (I used a cherry color)
Chalkboard spraypaint
Gorilla glue
Drawer handles
Painters tape
Brushes (I used a sponge brush)

It really is one of the easiest projects ever.  I went to Lowe's told them what I needed and they cut it to size for me.

I painted on my first coat of stain and let it set up to dry over night.

The next morning, I went ahead and painted on the second coat and let it dry throughout the day.
Once it was dry, I took the painters tape and taped the edge and sides of the board to make my border for the chalkboard tray. (You may not need to tape the sides, but I wasn't sure where all the splatter may go)

Then, I filled in the open space with the chalkboard spray paint.

Once it was dried I simply pulled off the tape and really at this point it could be ready to go, I debated on whether or not I really wanted to put the handles on or just leave it as a chalkboard sign...

I went ahead and attached the handles just using gorilla glue...that stuff is legit!!

Let the glue set for a full 24hrs and you're good to go!!

I think they turned out really fun!

I also took the extra wood from when they cut the boards at Lowe's and made a some wood signs for the front porch!!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a great New Years!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

It's not up to me........and thats OK.

For the past two years I have been praying and very excited about going on this mission trip to Kenya.  I have felt the call to go and serve for years and every time I thought of it Africa seemed to be the place I landed on.  Well, circumstances / God's intervention made it where last summer I needed to post-pone the trip for a year and last week I got word that because of safety issues AIM (adventures in missions) needed to cancel the trip all together this year.  While I get that our safety is obviously very important, I can't say I wasn't bummed.  My friends and family, however, seem to be more relieved than bummed...I guess that's understandable...

I had to have a few heart to hearts with God and I'm learning, once again, that it's not up to me.  So I'd never put much though about where else I would ever want to go and serve.  If I'm being honest I never thought about anywhere but Africa, but that doesn't mean there aren't other places that I might be more useful.  I started researching other destinations and what all types of missions there were and one of the first ones I came across would be working at an orphanage helping to teach an English class and to help the children learn life skills.  I wanted to look at all of the other options, but this one kept creeping into my mind.  So I prayed about it, talked to my friends and family about it, and finally applied to see if I could even get in on the trip.  Well less than an hour after applying I got word that I was fully accepted!!  Can you guess where I'm going....

Yep, I'm headed to Romania June 7, 2014 - June 15, 2014.  And I think everyone is a little relieved that I won't be in such hostile territory....


It's a little bit of an adjustment mentally, but I am very excited that I still get to go and serve.  The type of missions I'll be doing is a perfect fit for me.  I love kids and I can't wait to go meet them!!  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers!! 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beyond Blessed by a Murder Mystery?!

As you all know, I'm going on a mission trip to Kenya Africa this coming July!! I had been trying to come up with a fun, unique way to help raise money for this trip.   One night I was having dinner with my parents, brother and sister-in-law when Jessica mentioned having a murder mystery party fundraiser!! I had never been to one before, but I'd seen pictures from ones my cousins had been to and always thought it seemed really fun!  Fortunately for me, Jessica had actually put one on before and she took the reigns.  She went all out and made this event amazing!!

We had a circus theme, fully equipped with peanuts and popcorn appetizers, a grown-up hotdog bar (that Jessica looked up unique hotdog ideas), and an ice cream bar for dessert!

I was truly blown away by the turn-out of such a great group of friends and family.  It was so fun to watch everyone let loose and fully embrace their characters.  I might add that our church may never be the same after this :)

Everyone was having a good time, hanging out and getting to know each a little better.....when the lights went out and........

That's right, I was murdered!!!

Now, to figure out who-done-it!

After everyone had spoken to the security and placed all the clues together...

We (well actually only 3 people guessed it correctly) figured out it was Ruby the clown!! I was wary of clowns before this party...but now!!


Over all it was great time and I am so overwhelmed by the support and generosity of my friends and family.  Thank you to everyone who came out and played with us.  This mission trip is something that God placed on my heart many years ago and to finally have the opportunity to go and serve is such a blessing.  It would not be possible without the love and support from everyone!  I cannot thank you each enough for helping make this opportunity become a reality.

Big thank you to Jessica, Andrew, Mom and Dad for everything you guys did to make this evening possible!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wake Life---ish

It is no longer just a phrase, this summer has been for the most part non-stop wakeboarding! I've been out at BSR Cable Park when ever possible.  I love going out there to not only ride (and attempt to look like I know what I'm doing) but to watch all the other riders (who really do know what they're doing)!! It's a great little get away from the hum drum of my every day life in town.  And I'm pleased to say, that (knock on wood) I haven't had another yes, Auntie Stacey and Mother, you can relax a little.

My baby! Love my new board!! 

My friend Ryan hitting a huge raley!!

My childhood friend and college roommate Ashley came down to try!!

Me, Ash, and Chelsea.  Chelsea got me started wakeboarding, so we can blame her for creating wake monster :)

BSR has Lemur tell me that's not fun :)

And this picture is one of my favorites. As much as I love my west Texas sunsets...the ones out here are not too bad!

Sorry for being MIA for the past month...I've been soaking up every bit of summertime!!!