Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mornings are hard.

Everyone who has ever known me is fully aware that I am NOT a morning person.  It takes me a little while to get moving not only physically but mentally as well (things just don't compute in my mind in the morning).  And, I wear contacts so it's even harder to see and squint and grasp what I'm seeing.  When I'm getting ready in the mornings I never look at digital clocks because the lights are way to harsh in the morning hour and I never look at an hour hand because it takes me less than hour to get ready so I only need to know where the minute hand is.

That being said....

Yesterday morning, I was awoken suddenly and literally jumped out of bed believing I had either slept through my alarm or turned it off in my sleep (yes, that has happened more than once).  I stumbled into the bathroom to shower.  Shoved my contacts in my eyes so I could see to blow-dry and straighten may hair.  That's when I started to notice it was a little darker outside than normal but my mind is not fully functioning yet so I continued to get ready.  I quickly applied my make-up and grabbed work clothes....I opened the door to race out to my car when I realized it was completely pitch black outside.  That's when I decided to look at my phone to figure out what time it was....

Yes, I was completely ready for work at (drum roll please...) 4:30 am.  Pretty sure that's a record for me.

But this story doesn't end there...that would be too easy.

I decided I would got back to bed at that point and get a solid 3 hours more of sleep.  But the night before I had washed my sheets and they still had that fresh clean feeling that I didn't want to I washed my face, took out my contacts, put my PJ's back on and crashed! I don't think I've ever fallen asleep so quickly! 

Big mistake...BIG! Never go back to sleep once you are up and going...

7:30 hit, my alarm went off and I felt like I had literally been struck by a truck! My eye's were so swollen that I had to pick up my eyelid to shove my contacts in and after the 3rd or 4th attempt I got them both in. I re-applied my make-up, straightened the awesome cow-lick I had going, then I got dressed only to look down and notice I had yogurt all over my pants.  I quickly grabbed another pair pants, but the shirt I was wearing didn't match! (ughhhh) So I grabbed something out of my closet threw it on to find a big hole in the back (mumbling all the while how much I despise morning) Finally at 7:55 I was on to outfit number 3, which thankfully worked.  And once again, I opened the door to race to my car and make it work.  Y'all, I was exhausted!!

Mornings are hard!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Chopped it off for Love

I recently did something a little crazy...well crazy for me anyways.  I've been saying I wanted to do it for sometime, but was never brave enough to go through with it.  Alas, the time finally came, no more just talking about it.  I did it.... I cut all of my hair off!!!! YIKES!!

I know I know, it's just hair.  It will grow back.  But this was a big deal for me.  I really loved my long hair.  Let's be honest, I'm a little lazy in that department and it was so easy to fix (or most of the time not fix because I could just let it go).  But my cousin, Alli, and I made a deal to donate our hair to good causes.  When she chopped hers right before school started I knew I couldn't back out. 

Here we are before on the 4th of July....just look at those lovely locks!

Alli donated her's to the Pantene Project .  Here are her chopped locks :) 


And I donated mine to Locks of Love.  Here is my before and's all gone!!


A little bit over a foot!!!  I'm slowly getting used to it (I mean I actually have make time to dry and straighten) but this was something simple that Alli and I could do to give to those who are going through some tough times.

Happy Humpday Folks!