Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ruffin Reunion

Two weekends ago we had our second annual Ruffin Reunion!! We went to the Lazy Hills Retreat and it was a blast (minus the hot weather and having to crutch everywhere I went).  My cousin Gregg just got a job as the head basketball coach at Abilene Wylie, we all wore purple to show our support!!


My awesome cousin Adrienne gave me and Kannon a ride down to the pool (crutchin is hard work)

There was a little something for everyone to do, like swimming, fishing, biking, zip-lining, paddle boating, hiking and putt-putt. 

We swam most of the time, the water felt great during the long hot days!

We had lots of fun on the zip-line!!

They even had a rope swing and a trampoline out on the lake (both were very hysterical from my point of view) and paddleboats and kayaks.

You can't have a get-away without yummy S'mores!!!

I tried to bum a ride when ever possible...

And how sweet are these little ones!!

I love when we get to spend time together away from it all.

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