Monday, June 10, 2013

Whirl-Wind Weekend of Fun!

This was a busy weekend for me to say the least, but I had a blast catching up with so many wonderful people!!

Friday after work, I booked it over to Austin to surprise one of my oldest and dearest friends, Ashley, on her 25th birthday.  Ainsley put together one of the greatest surprise parties I've been to, Ashley really had no idea!!

I was so excited to see Tana, Randy and Michelle again (it has been far far too long) and I finally got to meet Ainsley, her fiance Ty, and Jared!

We danced the night away and caught up on old times! 

So happy that through all these years I still have these wonderful ladies as friends!! Happy Birthday Ashley!!!!

I woke up bright and early on Saturday to travel westward for two wedding showers for my brother and Jessica! The first shower I got to catch up with some family and family friends and checked out the loot of goodies Jessica got to open!!

The second shower was put together by a few of the Coaches and Coaches wives from back in the day.  Let me tell you, this group is always a riot.  I loved listening to stories from all the trips to games and on some of the stories I'm not sure how we actually made it to the games!!  You won't find another group like this in a million years!  Each one of these people have impacted mine and so many other Sweetwater lives in the best ways!!

Sunday, I made the trek back to Waco and lets just say when I went to bed I slept like a baby!!  Truly a great weekend with the greatest people!!

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