Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wanderlust Summer 2015 (London)

For the final stop on my Europe tour, Hannah and I spent a few days in London!  I spent 23 hours there last year and wanted to really get into it this year.  We stayed at the Clayton Hotel in Chiswick and it was perfect.  It was far enough away from greater London that we could get away from the big crowds, but close enough that we could hit up all the tourist spots.

Once we made it to our hotel to clean up we got a surprise from Hannah's dad who sent us a gift card and made a reservation at a little restaurant near by.  We got dressed up and headed out for a yummy dinner. We had a salmon appetizer, then I had the leg of duck and Hannah had lamb, and a chocolate dessert!  It was amazing!

The next day we made our way towards Liquid Leisure Wakeboard Park.  Now neither Hannah nor myself are pro-wakeboarders, but we can handle the basics of getting off the dock, making turns, hitting a few rails and kickers.  We knew in advance that the cable on this park runs the opposite direction from what we are used to at BSR, but figured we would be able to handle it. Boy were we wrong.  It is extremely difficult (for me anyways) to make that turn kinda blind!  But I did finally get it down, it just a few extremely hard, whiplash level falls along the way!  Not to mention, we were in London so it was cooold, windy and rainy. Us Texas girls are not used to that!

After some pretty bad wipe outs, we decided to head back to the hotel and get ready for dinner. We spent the evening at The Old Pack Horse.

The next day we got up a little earlier and made our way to Camden Market for some fun vender shopping...I might also note that this day the Tube workers all decided to go on strike, so us and the rest of the Londoners were packed onto the buses sardine style!

We ventured on to Waterloo after Camden so I could finally ride the Eye!!!

As we were getting ready to leave the Waterloo area we came across several street performers!

We headed back in for the night.  By this point we had been away from home for 2 weeks and we were getting a little worn down.  So for our final day in London we decided we would treat ourselves to a spa day at the Cove Spa.  It was really good since we would be heading back to the states the following day and be stuck on a few planes for hours on end!

Then we packed up our stuff for the last time.  Made our way to the airport and finally headed home!

We were greeted in Dallas by Hannah's granddad who drove us back to Waco in his Rolls Royce!!

As much fun as I had and even though I'm already ready for my next adventure...I was beyond excited to be back in the States and see my family!!  Siggy and I snuggled up the next day for long naps!!!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for and supported me during my Europe adventures!  I'm so thankful that I've had these amazing opportunities to go and travel around!  I can't wait to see what's in store next!!


  1. A two week vacation sounds awesome, but yes-exhausting. I have not made it to London yet, but hope to.

    1. I highly recommend London! There is always something to do. I'm big on history and historic buildings and places, it's an amazing place to go!