Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wanderlust Summer 2015 (Ireland)

We woke bright and early and found Darjen waiting on the patio to help us load up.  We got on the bus and headed to Albania at 4:30am.  From Albania we flew to Munich for a short layover before flying back into Ireland!!

Finally, we  landed in Ireland for the night.  We had a shuttle take us to our Hostel that was close to downtown Dublin.

Once we freshened up a little a few of us went to a nearby pub for dinner.

After dinner, we walked around to see the sights in Dublin.

Since we only had a few hours to spend in Dublin, we were thankful that the sun doesn't really set until about 10 pm.  Eventually, we all headed back to the hostel because we had to be back at the airport bright and early.  Hannah and I had a few vacation days ahead in London!

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