Friday, September 5, 2014

Summer posts part 2

Hello again...two posts in one day after months of silence, I'm getting a little carried away ;)

I spent a lot of time on my wakeboard the past few months.  Most of the time we ride at BSR but we made a couple of trips to WakeNation Houston.  It's very scary trying out new parks, but also very exciting!!  My friend Hannah started really riding this summer and we are pretty much on the same level so it's lots of fun pushing and supporting each other!

 One of the best parts about BSR is Lemur Island!!

 Camping out for WakeNation Houston!

Because BSR is such an awesome park a lot of the pros stop by all the time and I was lucky enough to get meet some Wakeboarding Royalty....

 Bob Soven!

Shawn Watson!!

One weekend I got my long time friend Tana to venture out and try it!! She did amazing!!

Ryan is mine and Hannah's unofficial/official coach!! Poor guy has to put up with mine and Hannah's shenanigans all the time.  But he did make a fun little edit for us.  This was towards the beginning of the summer and it's crazy to think how difficult those boxes were for us at that time.  Now it's something we can tackle without even thinking about it!!

This summer has flown by and it will start getting colder soon...then it's time to bust out the wetsuits :)

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