Friday, September 5, 2014

Last one...I promise!!

One thing I got a whole lot of this summer was quality time with my family and friends.

One of my most entertaining trips was when two of my high school friends and I got together for a road trip to Arkansas.  Tana is a huge Miranda Lambert fan so for her birthday we all made the trip to AR for her concert.  As Tana says...sometimes Mama just needs a night off...

Now the trip home....we may or may not have been stranded on the side of the road in the 100 degree heat....and we may or may not have had to drive 55 with no AC and the windows down (in the 100 degree heat).  But us three together made it all the way there and back and I know three Mom's who were worried about, even though we are all 26 years old, sending us off without any supervision :)

Speaking of being 26 -- this is something that I just can't get over, at 26 years old (well really I was 25 when it happened, but I'm 26 now and they are still in) I had to get tubes put in my ears.  REALLY!!!

And yes, at 26 years old I still have my Mom and Dad come take care of me :)

Another thing I can't really get over is the fact that my Munchkin (my little, not so little cousin) graduated from high school.  It was fun to have the whole family together, but I still can't believe he is off to college!!

And now for just the random family fun shots I've accumulated over the past few months!!  Enjoy :)

Really, all in all, life is pretty good!! My parents are coming to visit next week and that's always fun!! We are getting closer and closer to fall and winter and those are truly my favorite times of the year.

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