Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New Plans

Well, there has been a slight change in plans....I am having to hold off on the marathon run for a little while, BUT it is for good reason! This coming July I have officially been accepted to an organization and will be traveling to AFRICA for a 9 day mission trip in Kenya!!

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a few years now, but I was a little nervous at the thought of traveling there alone plus the timing was never right. But when this opportunity came for a trip in July 2013 everything seemed perfect.  I will have earned my vacation time at my new job.  It gives me a year to prepare for everything. And as for traveling alone, I picked up my entire life and moved to a city where I know absolutely no one and I'm doing alright, so I think I can handle 9 days in another foreign place.

The organization I'll be helping is called Adventures in Missions. (AIM) I don't have a lot of the details on what exactly I'll be doing there as of yet, but Kenya has been in a lot of turmoil lately and there are a lot of "camps" that have been established for those affected by it all.  I will actually be living in one of these camps and helping out where ever I can. 

"Beautiful Massai tribes and breath-taking big game demand exploration. With a population of nearly 32 million people, Kenya is wrapped in a history of culture deeply enveloped in tradition and honor. But poverty and corruption plague the people of Kenya. Kenyans have always struggled for independence with constant attacks and turmoil. Civil unrest following the 2007 elections tore the country apart, displacing thousands to refugee camps." AIM

I will keep you updated as I found out information, but for now Prayers will be greatly, greatly appreciated!

"God's call to each individual is unique and specific to them. He uses their upbringing, surrounding environment, and experiences and couples them with his vision, goals and desires, to shape them into a unique tool for His hands to mold and guide and use" (Ephesians 2:10). 

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