Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Lately

Not too much going on around Wacko.  I received my first update for Africa!! Unfortunately, it just told me I would need to get a few vaccinations (technically it only said one, but my lovely Mother wants me to get two).  NO FUN!!

 I have started going kayaking out on the Brazos with a lady I work with and it is so much fun!!  Here are few pictures from the last time we went out...

And this one from last night, with the rain clouds rolling in, the sky looked amazing!!

I also decided to make a burlap wreath...and thanks to my awesome cousin, Shyanne, I found out burlap comes in many colors!!

1 yard of each color, 14in. wreath, scissors, straight pins and ribbon.
I cut the burlap into 4in x 4in squares and pinned it

 Not too bad for my first attempt.  My cousin mentioned burlap flowers and found some on pinterest that will probably be my next project.

Hope all is well with everyone!!!

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  1. That turned out so good, and you made it look easy!!