Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hello Blogging World!

I have decided that in one year I want to run a full marathon....(yes the full 26.2 miles and yes my body cringes at the thought still). But I've got it in my mind that I want to do this and feel that it will be so rewarding to finish such a feat. I needed a way to keep up with progress, milestones, emotions, etc.. and decided that bogging may be my best option. My cousin and a few friends have all been "blogging" and I really enjoy reading them and looking back and remembering things.  So here goes nothing!

I just recently really starting "training" and well....who knew how out of shape a person could be!! There are few obstacles that I'm getting used to, 1) Did you know that there are hills in Waco!! I'm used to my west Texas terrain which is flat for as far as the eye can see and 2) It is humid in Waco. I am used to the heat...but dry heat is so much easier to breathe in vs. this hot and humid weather out here. But eventually I'll get used to both (I hope)!

 My goal right now is to just get my body used to moving constantly for at least 30 min. (Easier said than done!) I definitely have to walk more than I would like but on Monday I finished 3 miles in right under 30 min. Whew! 

I have enlisted my good friend, Michael Mann, to be my running partner in crime.  Though a little reluctant at first he has agreed and we have starting pushing each other! Also, one of my co-workers has starting running with me...(she is way better shape than I am) She has been the one to keep me on a schedule and makes me push myself during the run. But I would love any tips or advice from others. 

And prayers are always welcome :) 

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.


  1. Hi Chelsea!! We are supposed to run 7 miles at the end of our boot camp in about 5 weeks. I don't know if I can do it. Good luck! Keep us posted!

  2. You can do it!! So sad we missed you this weekend!! I think you should blog about your crafts too!!