Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend I got to spend with one of my favorite families, The Ivy's!!  

Growing up this was my second family, I spent countless hours at their house, many family vacations, and several amazing concerts (Elton John for example)!!  The Ivy's have a lake house on Lake LBJ and we spent the weekend flying a kite, a little Frisbee (until I got it stuck on the roof), on a Pontoon and jet ski's, oh, and I jumped off a bridge :)

Dacy, Delaney, and I went to the Dollar Store and loaded up on some fun things to do while we were on vacation.  And I must say, the $2 kite was an awesome investment.  I forgot how much fun that is and everyone joined in on the action!

 Dacy gets the credit for this awesome picture!

 Delaney's turn!!

 Dacy showing little Korbin how to fly the kite.

 She's pretty much a pro!!

Coach Ivy even got in the action....go ahead...ask him who got it stuck in the tree!!

Dacy breaking and entering to retrieve our fly-away kite!

The next morning Dacy, Delaney and I went on a little walk to the other side of the lake and we found some neat stuff along the way.

I love being out and about in nature, and it's always fun when it shows a little love back :)

Somebody got them a new pet!


Their cousin, Jeana, then took us out on the Pontoon (yes, I'm singing Little Big Town in my head as I type this) and Dacy and I (along with Dacy's younger cousins) jumped off of a bridge!!!!

That's my arm on the far right (Delaney didn't know we were jumping at the same time, but I promise it's me)!!!!

"Friends are the family you choose!"

After we got back, Dacy taught me how the drive the jet ski....although I'm not convinced she knew exactly what she was doing either!!

And of course we had a little a Frisbee action (although the wind was crazy)!!  
 And I ultimately got the Frisbee stuck on the roof....oops!

We even had yummy s'mores!! There is just something about being out at the lake that makes them taste better then any where else!!

(Can anyone spot Delaney?!?!)

I just love being out on the lake, we have several great memories growing up there and it is fun to go back and make more!!

Everyone loaded up on Monday to head back to the real world! It was great little escape to recharge everything!! 

Big thanks again to the Ivys!! I had such a good time and love getting to catch up!! Love you all!!


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