Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Well sadly, birthday week is officially over.  It was a lot of fun, filled with friends and family, and good eating!!

There are several ladies who share birthday week with me at my office so on Wednesday (my real birthday) we had a potluck lunch at the office...lets just say I work at an office full of people who can cook!!  I made a sloppy peanut butter pie for the first time and it was amazing!!

We are also very festive at HDSM, so there were streamers galore around my desk on the 8th! It's a lot of fun!

Through out the day, I was pleasantly surprised by my parents and little cousins with the most beautiful flower arrangements!  I love love love flowers, they always brighten up a room and office!!

Dana and I went out to eat on Wednesday at fun little pizza place here in Waco.  I've never been and it was delicious!!  Afterwords, we watched the latest chick flick, Safe Haven.  She got me the cutest little wine topper (perfect for me :) )

I was able to take off of work on Friday and head to Sweetwater for more celebrations with my family!  Mom made my favorite chocolate cake that I have every year and my favorite spaghetti for dinner!! Can you say still spoiled at 25 years old :)  One of my favorite birthday gifts is my new headphones.  They are the Frends Headphones and they are cute and girly, and best of all they do NOT hurt my ears!!

They also surprised me with two awesome reads!!

My family loves the Duck Dynasty crew and these books only reinforce my feelings for them.  I actually vegged out and finished both books this weekend, I couldn't put them down.  (It helps that we got some rain in Sweetwater so the lake had water and I just got sit out, soak up some sun, relax and enjoy the books!!)

So needless to say this was an amazing birthday week!! I'm so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends!!  Thank you all for your sweet comments and wishes!! Love you all and here is to another good year!!

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