Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Jillian

This weekend I made the trek to Lubbock to surprise Jill for her birthday!! I can't believe we actually pulled off this surprise and it was definitely worth the drive!!


Words cannot accurately describe our friendship, but I'll give it a try.  You are the only friend I can have a complete conversation without saying a word.  You are the friend who can console me and actually understand my feelings when my favorite TV character dies and you also carry on full blown conversation about said characters as if they were real.  You understand the term "when in doubt Disney it out" :)  You support my hopes and dreams of one day (soon) meeting and marrying a number of amazing actors, princes, or Kingsbury.

Thanks for being my shoulder to lean on when things got rough,

Thanks for sharing my understanding that sometimes it's OK to just let loose be goofy,

Thanks for knowing that sometimes you just need to dance it out,

Thanks for being my crazy, loud, awesome best friend!!

and just remember....this goes both ways :)

Love you Jilly!

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