Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Holidays!!

This time of year is my FAVORITE! I love every part of it, the movies, the music on every station, colder weather (if only the cold would come in and stay instead of it going back up to be 75 today), and of course all the decorations.

I actually enjoy turning on my TV during this season, almost every channel will have on a Christmas show and I watch them all day (even the cheesey lifetime ones) Someone asked me what my favorite movie was, but there are way too many Holiday greats (Elf, White Christmas, Fred Clause, The Santa Clause) but I can narrow it down to two, although it was really tough!!

My family kicks off the Christmas season right after we finish our Thanksgiving lunch by watching....

And we do this every single year....and we all quote the entire movie...every year!!

My second top choice for movie is one that would come on TV every year and I really really wanted one of the magic lollipops that the elf took to town....

I finally got my house finished, and yes I started a little earlier than normal...(before Thanksgiving).

No fireplace, No problem!

Happy tree with presents starting to pile underneath!

Just need snow on the ground and a fire and I'll be a happy girl!!

Hope you all have a happy holiday season! I'm excited to get to have several Christmas' my family is so large that it is nearly impossible to get us all together at one time....why not extend this happy season :)

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  1. Beautiful decorations, and we've got hot chocolate photos too!! Coming soon!! :)